Experience the benefits of simple, stress free options.

We have curated options that makes storing seamless and aim to simplify our client's lives.

Monthly Billing

We charge for a one month period. In January, your rent will cover 31 days and in June, it will cover 30. Though this may seem obvious, many competing facilities charge for 28-day months. All those missing days force customers to pay for a 13th month of rent every year. We charge on the basis of calendar months.

Lease Commitments

Our leases are established on a monthly basis. They automatically renew until you inform us of a cancellation. Contract cancellation requires a 14-day notice. Yearly leases are also available.

Vehicle Storage

We offer indoor, heated vehicle storage at our Ferrier location and long or short-term exterior parking at our Beaumont & Hodge locations.

Easy Move

Moving within our facility is a lot easier than moving inside a home. At our site, there are 2 shipping docks with leveling platforms for trucks of all sizes as well as indoor parking for cars and vans. We also offer free use of moving carts and/or appliance dollies. After parking, you take your goods, put them onto carts and move the cart to your locker where you store your good. Moving and packing supplies are also available at our office.

Easy Billing

We made it easy for making a payment with our Online payment. Click here to select your facility and you will be able to manage your account payments and more.

Easy Access

We provide access codes to each of our customers for easy access to our facilities. If your access code does not work, you must contact the manager on site. Your code will not work if there is a balance owing on your account or if you are trying to access the facility outside access hours. You can contact the manager by visiting our office or by calling us at 514-786-7243.


We do not allow the storage of animals, plants, foods, garbage, liquids, hazardous materials, illegal items or odorous goods (See Terms and Conditions for the full list of restrictions).