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Happy Storage Users in Montreal

Debora Rankin

Rating 5/5

"Everything was honestly amazing from start to finish. I am super impressed, the Mates even managed to move a couch that I thought would be impossible because of its size. Happy to hear that you guys are expanding and I would love to book with you again in the future."

Penny Boland

Rating 5/5

"Everything was truly fantastic. The Mates were so patient when the elevator presented all those issues and your customer support remained open and communicative!"

Ellen Mallette Mallette

Rating 5/5

"Mates were professional and respectful to my belongings and I loved the customer support. I would recommend it to friends!" 

Guillaume Brassard-Methot

Rating 5/5

"Everything was great, best experience ever. Would definitely book again in the future." 

Alexandra Ages

Rating 4.8/5

"The Mates did show up about 45 minutes late, but they called ahead so I'm not upset about that. Everything went well - overall I'm very happy with the service."

Azar Jazestani

Rating 5/5

"I liked everything about my experience, I thought it was amazing and I would definitely recommend you to family and friends!!" 

*Customer repeated that he 'liked everything' and 'thought it was amazing' multiple times throughout the call*

Michael Montanaro

Rating 4.5/5

"My only recommendation is to make the items a bit more clear on the website. For example, not everyone will assume all chair types as 'dining room chairs'. Otherwise I loved the service and everything went amazing!"

Jignesh Surendra

Rating 5/5

"It was all good! I liked the chat on the website, I liked that I could change my own credit card information - all together, I thought the service was amazing and I would definitely recommend it." 

Olive Guerrier

Rating 5/5

"Everything was good, the Mate was professional. I did help because I wanted to make sure the move was completed in 2 hours so that I wouldn't pay any overtime charges. I gave the tip in cash and I am very satisfied!" 

*Was some misunderstanding about the promotion because she had 3 different sources of information*

Harrison Grieve

Rating 5/5

"Everything was great! Best moving experience I've had."