Helpful tips for your move.

Keep your belongings safe while moving and packing. Easily and efficiently store your items in Montreal by following these packing and storing tips:

Legible Labels

Apply legible labels on all boxes so that you can easily access them when needed


When possible, disassemble furniture before storing it

Paper Legs

Table legs should be covered with packing paper to avoid scratches

Lay Books Flat

Lay books flat in boxes, they are heavy. Important documents should be placed in file boxes

Wrap Dishes

Bowls and dishes should be carefully wrapped in paper before placing them in china cartons

Label Fragile

When packing fragile objects, label the boxes to ensure care when handling

Have things close

Boxes which contain items you'll need sooner put near the front of the storage

Stackable Boxes

Use stackable boxes of the same size to optimize the space in your storage unit