Secure 24-Hour Access* Facilities

At Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage, we're in the business of keeping your belongings securely and safely stored away. That's why we've set up various state-of-the-art security devices, including the following:

Certain facilities and unit sizes offer 24-7 access (subject to availability)

Central Monitoring

Each of our storage facilities is equipped with its own burglary alarm. Our digital access and monitoring system identifies each person that enters the premises and determines their access level.

Digital Surveillance Cameras

Our state-of-the-art surveillance system features hundreds of indoor and outdoor security cameras to monitor the storage units and the properties. It’s designed to deter potential troublemakers.

Electronic Access System

Each customer is provided an electronic key that uses identifying radio frequencies to gives access to designated zones as per a set schedule. This system provides a secure alternative to the simple keypad punch codes (used by most of our competitors), codes that can be copied and used without a customer's knowledge.

Solid Metal Storage Units

Our mini-storage space units are privately divided. Our self-storage system is constructed from steel walls and doors and often features grated ceilings. Our buildings are typically constructed using concrete and steel for strength and fire resistance.

Emergency Response

Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage facilities are directly connected to the alarm central, police station and fire department for immediate on-site emergency response.


All facilities are well-lit and are often equipped with motion-sensor lights that turn on automatically when you walk through the hallways. We also take extra care to keep our exterior spaces extra bright at night for your convenience and safety.