Happy Storage Users in Montreal


Really Understanding and Really Caring

I’m a long-time customer at Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage in Mile-End. I rented a huge locker to put some of my unused stock away. As the father of two teenagers, I had to pay their school fees, clothes etc. Even though I was able to manage to pay for them, my budget was getting tight so I wanted to go talk to Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage about renting a smaller unit. But before I even got there, I received a call from them; the worker told me how I was paying too much for my locker when I had just few things in the unit. (I sold some of my belongings during the past months). They also reserved me a smaller locker and they offered me a really clean, well-built unit like the one I had before. They are really understanding and really caring. So if you want to store any of your underused items, then I would suggest you to go to Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage where service is their main concern and the customer is always right.


Really Thankful

My roommate and I had been anxious because our house was a mess. We had been very busy for the last 7 weeks of the semester with exams at McGill University in Montreal and neither he nor I were concerned with cleaning or organizing anything. Essentially, I was devastated by trying to arrange everything while keeping up with my schoolwork. To make matters worse, when I finished my classes I ignored the housecleaning because I had other important things to do once school was done… A friend suggested that we to go to Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage for some help. As I arrive there, I was shown a good locker in which I was satisfied and the price was very affordable as well. I am really thankful to them for helping me, they truly are a great Mini-Entrepot located near Outremont and Mcgill.


Don’t Know What I Would Have Done

I decided to move near my university (Universite de Montreal) but then I found myself looking for an apartment while I already gave my 2 months’ notice for moving out of my old pad in Anjou. I was running out of time and I didn’t have place to put my stuff! Then I found out about Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage and gave them a call. Luckily, I was able to finally find a place to store my things until I find my new apartment in the Cote-des-Neiges area of Montreal. They determined the best size for me I didn’t have to worry about anything happening to my things because the lockers are very secure and the storage facility is equipped with cameras and other safety measures. So last week, I ended up finding my new apartment and I took back my stuff just the way I left it. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t consider a storage solution with Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage.


Permanent Extra Space

I had my basement filled with things I don’t use but just couldn’t throw most of it away. They are sentimental things from my parents and my grandparents. I found that we needed some room in the basement because of a lack of space in the house itself (with all that we have accumulated over the years, our home was quite tight) so I obviously had to find somewhere to stash it all. So after doing some research on the internet I decided to have a look at Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage which was less than 5 minutes away from the townhouse on Jean-Talon in Ville Mont-Royal (TMR) section of Montreal. I wasn’t sure if they had a locker big enough to drop all my stock, but now, I got a spacious room that allows me space to find things when they are needed. There were even bigger lockers available for rent than I thought – some were as big as our home. Needless to say, our problem is solved and we now have some permanent extra space just down the road from us so that we can actually live in our home without bumping into a lifetime of junk


Great Storage Experience

Last year, I went to Cuba for vacation for 2 months to unwind after a long contract in the Montreal area. But before leaving, I was unconvinced that my precious things would be safe at home while I was away. So I took my girlfriend’s advice and went to Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage in Anjou. After leaving my things there, I had no fear about what could ever happen because Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage was really careful with my stuff. There are video security cameras everywhere and I could bring my own lock for the storage unit door. So during my holiday, I enjoyed my time with my friends and family without any distress. The Entrepot was heated so there were no large temperature swings. Thanks for a great storage experience. For those who don’t know, Anjou is located on the North-East portion of Montreal island just east of St-Leonard. The facility is adjacent to highway 25 with easy access to Laval and the South Shore.


Really Positive

I am a Montreal duplex owner and I have decided to rent out my basement to a tenant as a bachelor apartment. I really needed to clear out my basement unit fast. The Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage staff was really helpful. They offered me a storage unit at a low price. They referred me to an excellent moving company! All my belongings were moved directly into my storage locker. My experience was really positive. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know for a quick and easy experience. Now I’m making a nice profit


Enjoyed Working with Them

I was moving both my house and business at same time to new locations so I was in need of 2 bigger size rooms, one for my home stuff and one for my business. Most importantly, I needed a big spacious storage room/locker that would be easy to access during business hours and even late night hours so I was suggested by friend to call Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage facility in Anjou. I enjoyed working with them from the beginning, they understood right away what I need and gave the best deals available with great professional service and they even found me a mover for excellent prices this is just a little synopsis about my experience, but remember to go with Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage for guaranteed satisfaction.


Affordable Solution

never knew what to do with my summer belongings during the winter. My summer tires, sports equipment and clothing took up too much space! I live in a small apartment and I just can’t afford to move into a bigger place to hold my belongings. Thanks to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage, I was given an affordable solution to my problem. They helped me determine which size storage unit was right for me. I was offered an incredible month to month lease at a very reasonable price. My belongings are being stored in a secure, clean and heated environment. There are state of the art alarm and surveillance systems. Plus I can access my belongings 24/7. What more could I ask for? Now, I have a clutter free apartment and I didn’t have to break the bank


Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

I am a professional who runs my business from home. Part of my work here in Montreal requires that I keep all of my documents and lately it’s been piling up! Originally I was considering renting some office space to store my documents but it was much too expensive. I discovered www.montrealministorage.com and was given incredible information on storage lockers. I quickly contacted them and was greeted with very friendly and knowledgeable staff and they guided me to choose a mini-storage unit that works best for me. I was offered a really great price. Moving in was really easy because they offer dollys. My experience was easy. Now I can keep working from home.


The Best Possible Prices

I recently rented a storage unit at Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage in Montreal. I had never been to a self-storage facility, so I didn’t know what to expect or even which questions to ask. When I got there, I was helped by a very helpful staff member. He answered all of my questions and offered me a great promotion on moving services when I prepaid for 3 months of storage. Anyone who has ever moved before knows how expensive moving services can be. I know I am getting the best possible prices on mini-storage and moving in Montreal whenever I use Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage


Pleasantly Surprised

I called Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage in Montreal because I needed to empty out some closets in my house and didn’t want to throw away my family’s cherished items. I was pleasantly surprised at the low prices they offered me for storage and moving services. The storage warehouse is located very close to my home in Westmount (Montreal), so I can go pick up my items and drop off more whenever I need. Low prices, 2 great locations (the other is in Anjou near the intersection of Aut 40 and Aut 25), and professional service. They offer monthly rentals and very clean and secure self-storage warehouses. What more could one ask for from a storage facility?


Save Me on Renting Out a Full Office Space

I didn’t expect my home business to be so successful that my home office would become a mess of papers and boxes! My friend suggested renting a storage unit in Montreal. She said that it would save me on renting out a full office space. I’d be able to continue working from home and still hold on to all of my old files. I took her suggestion and called Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage in Montreal. Now I keep all my files in storage and I can stay tidy and organized at home. I am happy to say that my business is continuing to grow without having to move out of my home office.


Be Sure To Call Them

When I had to get out of my Montreal apartment in a hurry last summer, I didn’t know what to do. I called Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage in Montreal and they helped me take care of all of my Moving and storage needs and the cost was hundreds less than the other companies I contacted. The experience was smooth and they explained every step. Be sure to call them for all of your Montreal Moving and Storage needs, I know I will again. Thanks Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage.


Price Was Right

When our youngest daughter got married this summer, my husband and I could not have been more thrilled. Now that it was just the two of us at home, we decided to downsize to a condo in downtown Montreal. Yet, we still had all of our children’s sentimental items from their childhood, which neither my husband and I nor my children were ready to part with. I decided to call up a Mini-Storage facility in Montreal. The reason I chose Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage was because their price was right and I got huge discounts on the moving services! I know that our memories are safe at Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage.


Best Prices for Self-Storage and Moving

As a third year student at a McGill University in Montreal, I like to think that I have figured out all the tricks to keeping my expenses down. Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage in Montreal has got the best prices for self-storage and moving. When I needed to put my books and furniture into a self-storage over the summer, I called around to a few storage facilities in Montreal. None of them could offer me the low prices that Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage could give me. Getting 50% off of my moving services was the best part! I definitely recommend Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage to any student who is looking for low priced mini-storage and moving.